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Gyokuro - Japan Shade Green Tea - 1.1 lb / 500 gr

Country of Origin: Japan
Region: Shizuoka Prefecture
Shipping Port: Tokyo
Grade: Gyokuro
Altitude: 500 - 1500 feet
Manufacture Type: Shade grown and steamed green tea
Cup Characteristics: A full flavored green tea that has a satisfying light refreshing character. Tending pleasantly vegetative with some briskness.
Infusion: Very bright


1.1 pound / 500 grams packed in vacuum sealed foil bag for maximum freshness. This is Japan’s best green tea (made from single buds that are picked only in April/May. In an effort to develop increased chlorophyll (making them dark green) and reduced the tannin (giving a sweeter flavor with no bitterness), the tea is covered with black curtains or bamboo and straw shades for 3 weeks in early spring. The leaves are small - about 3/4’s on an inch long and extremely fragrant and tender. Immediately after plucking the leaves are taken to the factory and steamed for about 30 minutes to seal in the flavor and arrest fermentation. Next they are fluffed with hot air and pressed and dried to 30% moisture content. Repeated rolling takes place until the tea develops long thin dark green needles at which time it is finally dried to a 4-6% moisture content. Gyokuro has been referred to as “history, philosophy and art in a single cup.” This is the best green tea of Japan. Usually brewed in a kyusu (special Japanese teapot) and served in handless cups.

The Japanese take the tea drinking very seriously, the better it is the more they are willing to pay for it. It is not uncommon the some Gyokuro’s sell for more that $1000.00 per pound - arguably the most expensive tea in the world. Why is Gyokuro so expensive?? ......... Old Tea trees are shaded to reduce the effect of photosynthesis and there is almost an insane cachet that seems to be unique to Japan about drinking rare green teas.

Hot tea brewing method: The secret is to use water between 120’F to 150’F. Place 5 heaping teaspoons of long thin leaves into a 3 cup teapot. Let the tea steep for about 2 minutes. Pour off the tea completely and begin enjoying a cup of enchantment. The leaves can then be re-infused with water between 135 - 160’F and on the third and final brewing use water between 150’F and 180’F.

Iced tea brewing method: (not recommended)

1.1 pound / 500 grams packed in vacuum sealed foil bag for maximum freshness.

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